Creative Entrepreneur Meeting in Cincinnati

You’re a creative in Cincinnati too?
We already love you!

We are a supportive and active community of creative entrepreneurs in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Join us at the Creative Juice table.
This is a FREE meet-up of creative folks in Cincinnati. You may need a support group. You may need to get out of your studio once in a while. Or you may just want to meet some other amazing creative people in Cincinnati. If you have an interest in pursuing your creative urges, you will be welcome. As one new member said when she first experienced The Table, “I don’t feel like I could have this kind of banding together anywhere else.”

We meet every Monday morning at about 9:15 AM at Red Tree Café and Gallery. The meeting takes place at the big front tables. You can ask the barista (it’s usually Kyle) or listen for the raucous noise, but definitely poke your head in, say “hi” and take a seat. The meetings are very casual and fairly unstructured. If we don’t have a special topic, we just go around the table and say what we’ve been doing or what’s on our mind. Meetings usually last about 1.5 hours, but if work beckons you, feel free to leave whenever you need to.

Better yet, send me a quick email if you’re thinking of joining in. I’d love to make you feel as comfortable as possible about meeting us.

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