Welcome to “Create Your Own Website” E-Course!

I have divided the course into guided sections, each with a pdf worksheet you may download for your own records. Once you finish a section, click the “next step” button and move to the next guided section page.

You’ll have questions!
Of course you will! Use the private¬†forum¬†on the MORE Creative Juice website (there is a link on every page, or you can go directly to the forum page from the web menu). I will be monitoring the forum all the time and jumping in to help out. If you are there and can offer insights to another course participant, don’t hesitate to jump in! We have a lot of knowledge when we work as a team.

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Let me know if you hit any technical glitches with the e-course via email or the forum.
There are usually some annoying blips and bumps when I first launch an e-course so I want to get those fixed as fast as possible.

For your quick reference, or if you want to jump around to the guide pages, these are the individual links.

  1. Get Prepared
  2. Create Your Business Statement
  3. Business Logo
  4. Branding Color Scheme
  5. Photographs
  6. Web Pages You Might Need
  7. Anatomy of A Web Page
  8. Your Home Page
  9. Your “About” Page
  10. Products Page
  11. Your Blog Page
  12. Mobile Friendly & Lightbox

*When you finish the e-course, PLEASE EMAIL ME! I have something for you to celebrate a big accomplishment. :o)

Have fun and be productive!