You CAN be successful!
MORE Creative Juice is specifically designed for your creative brain to get you through the sticky parts of business productivity. The year is divided the into quarters, where we focus on a particular subject. Don’t worry if you’re coming in later in the year! As a yearly member, you will have access to all the courses and resources.

Here’s what we’ll be learning:

Q1: Get solid online. (January, February, March)
Featuring: “How To Design Your Website” E-course (valued at $125)
Also included: SEO Bootcamp, Website Necessities Checklist, Inside Videos of Weebly, WIX and WordPress

Q2: Pin Like a Pro (April, May, June)
Featuring: “Pin Like A Pro” E-course (valued at $125)
Also included: How To Make Pinnable Images, How to Use Keywords, Pinterest Set Up Must Haves

Q3: Instagram like an influencer (July, August, Sept)
Featuring: “Instagram 101” E-course (valued at $125)
Also included: How to tell a story with your photos, How to Use Hashtags, Hashtag Tips & Tricks, What Makes “Likeable” Images, Caption 101

Q4: Facebook Like a Fiend. (October, November, December)
Featuring: “Facebook 101” E-Course (valued at $125)
Also included: Facebook Ads & Promotions, Making Facebook Audiences, What Is A Pixel

Here is how we learn:

• Webinars and podcasts to learn with an expert in the topic

• “Show Me” Tutorial Videos so we really understand

• “Stay Focused” Worksheets & checklists to keep us, well, focused

• “Do One Thing” E-courses to keep us accountable, engaged and underwhelmed (in a good way)

• “Ask A Juicer” Online access to each other, so we can ask questions, get answers & check in while we learn.

The MORE Creative Juice Membership Community
Want to do all this and MORE? Being a part of the MORE Creative Juice Community Membership gives you access to all these courses for ONE low price. In the MORE CJ Community, we work together virtually (and sometimes in person) to learn more business skills, to give ourselves more accountability, and to have more opportunities to network with each other. The MORE CJ Community is positive and supportive, and welcomes entrepreneurs of all kinds from photographers to musicians, designers to bakers, yoga instructors to fine art sculptors–if you’re creative and want to sell your creative stuff or services, we welcome you.

You can also follow MORE Creative Juice on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

Cincinnati Creative Juice Table Meetings
Creative entrepreneurs of all kinds meet in person weekly in Cincinnati, OH and online in our private Facebook Group to support each other in our creative and business joys and challenges. If you’re in Cincinnati, click here to read about our FREE and OPEN Cincinnati meetings.
Don’t be shy!

Glad to see you here!
I’m Margot Madison, lover of Creative Juice, the live meet-up and online support community for creative entrepreneurs. I have spent 20+ years attending the Creative Business School of Hard Knocks while I was running my freelance graphic design business, a retail stationery shop, a wholesale business and then an online business. I’ve made a lot of bold moves I’m proud of and many painful mistakes along the way too. The worst part? All that time, I felt like I was the only one who didn’t get it.

How Creative Juice all began…
A friend of mine invited me to a group she was starting for people just like us: Pretty Awesome Creative People with Nearly Zero Business Skills. There were a lot of us. It started out as just a way to get us out of our studios but it ended up being WAY better than that. It was so energizing to be around each other! That’s why we called it Creative Juice. Yes, it could have also been the coffee but there was no doubt that something awesome was happening.

Getting Unstuck
Creative Juice is a safe place for us all to ask the questions we think are too stupid to ask “normal” people. We discover that we actually know a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. And since everyone is willing to support each other, we see little wins of success that have always been so elusive. The photographer helps the designer with Adobe Lightroom questions. The designer helps the musician finally get business cards. The fine artist finally gets her Instagram account going. See what happens when everyone just shares what they know to help a fellow creative out? Stuff gets done!