Creative people have more than one talent and passion, which often means they wonder if they need more than one website. Is it better to have a website that has your “fun” stuff and then a different site for the more serious side of your business?

Here is my totally biased opinion on the matter:
One. website.

Here is why:
You are already complicated.
Don’t confuse yourself and your potential viewers with multiple sites and multiple options. Pick ONE of your talents. If you’re trying to earn income, choose the talent that you sell for real dollars. If you are not concerned with making money, choose the one you do the most actively. Hint: When you’re at a party and you’re talking to someone who is interested in your work, what’s the part of your work you reference most?

You will exhaust yourself.
Seriously, how much administration work do you want to make for yourself? First you have multiple websites, then it’s multiple social media accounts for those sites, then you have to check all those and provide content for them. Managing multiple sites means multiplying your time spend updating and managing those. The reality is that you won’t be able to manage all your sites and all will suffer.

You can still share all your great stuff.
I know. You really, REALLY can’t just claim one thing on your website. Don’t fret. Just because you create a website that features your professional services or work, it doesn’t mean you can’t include a page with your additional talents or offerings. They can all live together, or at least they can all start on one site and THEN branch out.

Here are some Creative Juicers who have found a way to share multiple talents and projects in ONE site:

Jeb Brack: Words. Pictures. Magic. (can you guess what he does?)

Marion Corbin Mayer: Pets By Marion (and more)

Maggie Barnes: Fine Arts Painter (with other love projects)