Creativity is intuitive. Business is not.

MORE Creative Juice is about removing the barriers to business success while staying true to our creative spirits.

“Being able to network with people who are all so amazingly different has helped me progress in my small business and actually make becoming a full time artist a dream come true.” -Robin

If you’re not online, you’re not in business.
That’s the heart-breaking truth. No matter how great your work is, nobody is going to know about it unless you have some kind of online presence. There are hundreds of ways to get online—which one is the right one for your skill level and for your creative needs?

We had the same problems in our Creative Juice community, so I created a FREE “How To Get Online” webinar that explains SIX specific ways we creatives can successfully gotten ourselves online, PLUS the 5 must-haves for any online presence. This will work for your budget, even if it is $0.00, and it’s easy enough that even a complete online newby can do it. No screaming and crying. Don’t wait any longer. You can do this!

“In Creative Juice, everyone wants to inspire and
help each other more than compete.”